Our Background

 NTA was originally formed as The Rev. Noel T. Adams Memorial Ambulance District by election in August of 1974. The services' long name has since been abbreviated to NTA. Our district consists of nine townships in the south eastern part of Harrison County, MO and the three northwestern townships in Daviess County, MO. NTA has six elected board members that oversee the district. NTA started taking ambulance service calls in May 1975. The Board of Directors hires a Chief of EMS to oversee day to day operations. This Chief has then appointed a Deputy Chief, Captain, and two Lieutenants as well an Office Administrator and an Executive Officer. Each of these positions have specific job descriptions and responsibilities thus enhancing the chain of command.  

Chain of Command

  • Chief of EMS
  • Deputy Chief of EMS
  • Captain
  • Lieutenant
  • Paramedic
  • EMT
  • First Responders     

                 Advisory Positions:

  • Executive Officer
  • Office Administrator

Our Mission

NTA provides quality Advanced Life Support emergency medical service and care twenty four hours a day seven days a week. NTA has gone from having less than three hundred calls in 1975 to an average of over thirteen hundred calls a year. NTA has four Ambulances ready to serve and an assortment of heavy rescue vehicles and equipment. NTA EMS Rescue is just that. NTA performs and supports it's own rescue. The Board has not only supported this somewhat unique endeavor over the years, but believes whole heartedly that the best equipment and training available is what will ultimately benefit the citizens and patients under NTA care.

"Our patients deserve the best treatment and care that we can give them, and we'll do just that."

----------NTA Board of Directors. 

Our Board

The Rev. Noel T Adams Memorial Ambulance District is divided into six election districts within the overall Ambulance District. Each election district is represented by one person elected to that position. That official is designated a "Board Member" with all six Board Members making up the Districts Board of Directors. This Board of Directors is responsible for the overall operations and fiscal decisions and responsibilities of the Ambulance Service. The Following is a list of Board Members and their respective election districts within NTA. 

Election District Number One (1): 
Phillip Martz 

The Townships of Cypress, Sherman, and Bethany, excluding all of the area within the present corporate limits of the City of Bethany except an area described as starting at a point due South of Fifteenth Street at the South limits of said City, proceeding thence North on Highway 69, thence North on Highway 69 to the Junction of Highways 69 and 136, thence East on Highway 136 to the present limits of said City, thence along the present City limits South then West to the point of Beginning, referred to herein below as the Southeast Corner of the City of Bethany, all in Harrison County, Missouri. 


Election District Number Two (2): 
Gene Thatcher

‚ÄčThe Townships of Benton and Salem in Daviess County, Missouri.

Election District Number Three (3): 
Garry Robertson

The West Half of the City of Bethany, being that portion of said City lying West of a line found by extending Fifteenth Street from the South limits to the North limits of said City, in Harrison County, Missouri.


Election District Number Four (4): 
Jeff Wagner

The East Half of the City of Bethany, being that portion of said City lying East of a line found by extending Fifteenth Street from the South limits to the North limits of said city, otherwise referred to as East Bethany, except the Southeast Corner of the City of Bethany as more particularly described with relation the Election District Number One (1) above, and that part of corporate limits lying North of the Center Line of Bulldog Avenue of said City, In Harrison County, Missouri.

Election District Number Five (5): 
David Crabtree

The Townships of Jefferson, Grant, and Trail Creek, in Harrison County, Missouri.

 Election District Number Six (6): 
Laura Klindt
The Township of Washington in Daviess County, and the Townships of Adams, Sugar Creek, and Fox Creek in Harrison County, Missouri. 


Our Staff


Chief of EMS

John Barclay - NRP


Deputy Chief of EMS

Corey Sloan, M.A., M.S., ABD, EMT-P 



Angela Jones, EMT-B 



Andre Remmers, NRP 


Office Administrator

Jamie Roller, EMT-B 


Executive Officer

Art Maxwell,
Chief of EMS Ret., EMT-B


Richard Mooney, EMT-B


Jacob Denum, FF, NRP


Greg Blanton, EMT-P


Dr. Scott Hall, MD


Jake Loving, BS, CCP, FC-P, NRP


Quinton Cox, NRP


Steve Sanneman, FF, EMT-P


David Kinnison, FF, EMT-B


Samantha Baker, NRP


Ed Truitt, FF, EMT-B


Jordan Wallace, NRP


Aaron Drummond, BS, NRP


Amy Shepard, NRP


Nathan Peters, EMT


David Roll, BS, EMT-P